Orion Oscar A-1-BLUE UV CtCP

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Orion Oscar CtCP is the best plate in its category of UV CtP (CtCP). Orion Oscar is developer independent plate; it can be used with almost any developer available in the market. Excellent dot production can be achieved. Orion Oscar requires very less laser energy thereby it increases life of your precious exposing devices. At the same time the exposing time required is also less. Thus Orion Oscar provides two fold advantage of fast speed at less laser value. Orion Oscar is medium to large run plate with minimum print run of 100,000 unbaked. Orion Oscar can be used with any exposing device be it flat bed or external drum type. The cost to benefit ratio is unmatched.

We recommend using Orion developers with Orion Plates.



Orion A-1-BLUE UV CtCP
Plate Positive Working, UV Digital Plate with wide operating latitude. Optional post-bake for long runs and resistance to aggressive press chemistry such as UV Inks and blanket washes.( Check Suitability before use)
Thickness 0.28mm. and 0.25mm
Aluminium 1050AA Litho Grade Extra Pure.
Spectral Sensitivity 405nm
Laser Energy Required 50-70 mJ/cm 2
Suitable Exposing Devices 1) Byasis Print, 2) Cron 3) Amskey-or any other suitable
Resolution 1% to 99% @ 250 lpi
FM Capability 20 Micron Stochastic
Plate Processor Any suitable processor for positive CtCP plates with temperature Control and speed control/td>
Developer ORION UPD13 Developer
Replenishment ORION UPD13 Developer – 80 ml per sq. meter.
Processing 30 to 40seconds dwell time in developer tub, @ 22-25 Degrees Centigrade +- 1 Degrees Centigrade
Baking Apply any suitable baking Gum.
Run Length 25000 impressions Unbaked and 55000 baked. Actual Run Length may vary according to press, ink and paper conditions.
Safe Light Use under yellow light only
Transport and Storage Store flat away from excessive heat and humidity.



Orion CtCP Developer – UPD19