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Elite class thermal CtP capable of producing outstanding results. Perfect tone and dot reproduction can be achieved with Orion Energy. No deviation in the product from batch to batch thereby achieving predictable results. Orion Energy is perfectly suitable for long run jobs giving print run of 2, 00,000 without baking. With use of Orion TPD 010, developer cost of chemical per plate is reduced. Orion Energy provides high benefits at reasonable cost.

Orion Energy Thermal Plates are an excellent choice for high-quality commercial printers, long-run sheetfed and heatset web applications, and small format offset packaging printers. Delivering extraordinary sharp detail with resolutions up to 20-micron FM, as well as strong on press robustness, Orion Energy Thermal Plates provide stable dot and colour reproduction, helping to reduce plate remakes and job variation.

We recommend using Orion developers with Orion Plates.



Thermal CtP
Plate Non Ablative, Positive Working, thermal Digital Plate with wide operating latitude. Optional post-bake for long runs and resistance to aggressive press chemistry such as UV Inks and blanket washes.
Thickness 0.28mm.
Aluminium Alloy 1050AA Litho Grade Extra Pure.
Spectral Sensitivity 800nm-850nm.
Laser Energy Required 120-160 mJ/cm 2
Resolution 1% to 99% @ 250 lpi
FM Capability 10 Micron Stochastic
Plate Processor Any suitable processor for positive thermal plates.
Developer ORION TPD-010
Replenishment ORION TPD-010- 80 ml per sq. meter.
Processing 30 to 40seconds dwell time in developer tub, @ 22-25 Degrees Centigrade +-1 Degree Centigrade.
Baking Apply any suitable baking Gum.
Run Length 200000 impressions Unbaked and 300000 baked. Actual Run Length may vary according to press, ink and paper conditions.
Safe Light None Required- Day Light Handling.
Transport and Storage Store flat away from excessive heat and humidity.
USP With Developer ORION TPD-010 you can process all major brands of Thermal Plates., without changing developer.



Orion Thermal Developer TPD 010