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Orion News is a positive working conventionals PS Plate designed for Newspapers and commercial printers who don’t require long run plates. This plate is short to medium run. Print run of minimum 50,000 can be achieved with ease. A great cost advantage can be achieved with these plates. Orion News can be used with any aftermarket developer. It is a fast developing plate

We recommend using Orion developers with Orion Plates.



News PS Plate
Plate Conventional Positive
Thickness 0.28mm
Aluminium Alloy 1050
Spectral Sensitivity 380nm-420nm.
Recommended Stauffer / T14 Clear 3
Ugra Clear 2
Resolution 2% to 98% @ 250 lpi
Developer ORION Positive P.S. Developer
Plate Processor Any suitable processor for positive plates.
Run Length 50000 Unbaked and 100000 After Baking



Orion Powder Plate Developer